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May 4 16 4:52 PM

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Hello everyone,
I am trying to control the Ada Hand palm, using Fergilli motors and an Arduino Mega 2560 board. And using 0V - 5V as a potentiometer reference voltages.
I am using now the SingleMotor test, an example from the Finger Library, and the problem is that when the analog feedback pin from the motor is connected to the Arduino the motor does not move, yet when I disconnect the feedback pin, the motor opens and closes every 2 seconds as it supposes.

Notes :I tried all the motors, with different analog pins, yet got the same result.
I am using the L298N, dual H bridge.
Any thoughts on the problem ?

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May 4 16 9:31 PM

Hi SuperNova,

I suggest you try a simple analog read of the analogue pin you are using, and confirm that the ADC value changes as you manually open/close the motor (if the motor pins are disconnected, you should be able to back-drive the motor).

If the ADC values do change as expected (roughly 30 - 1000), then I would suggest you try the 'MotorTest' example. This example prints the ADC value of each motor, and the motor can be toggled from open to close by entering the corresponding motor number (i.e. 0 - 4 for a 'hand' with 5 fingers).

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