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Aug 22 16 11:38 AM

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Hi all. This is really exciting!

I'm the tech director for an e-learning company based in S. Wales. Been a full stack web deveolper for nearly 20 years now, more recently i've become interested in embedded hardware/ arduino etc and i've been itching for an excuse to get into 3d printing.

I also lost the  use of my right arm in a motorcycle accident in 2005. The nerves that serve the arm were basically plucked out of the spine (Barchial Plexus injury). So the topic of prothetic limbs and how to control them are of particular interest to me. I still have my limb, but can't use it. If the day ever came when i thought i could control a prosthetic effectively, i'd definitely consider chopping the bugger off and going full bionic!

I'm particularly interested in how the limbs are controlled, maybe i could contribute to the software in some way. I'd also be very interested in tinkering with the electronics in general. And obviously i'd like to comment and contribute from the perspective of being a potential consumer.

As an aside, i've recently got hold of an Oculus Rift and i'm interested in the application of VR to help control phantom limb pain. 

So that's me. Really excited to getting to know you all and finding some way to contribute.

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Aug 22 16 1:41 PM

Send us an e-mail

Hi @ddubyah,

That's really cool, please send us an e-mail to and let me know when you have so I can track it down. It would be great to talk further.

All my best,


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