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Sep 7 16 12:07 AM

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Hello, My name is John Jackson and I'm a 20 year veteran of  illustration and design with clients like Harper Collins, LucasFilm and Walt Disney Entertainment. I've worked on everything from Disney Villains merchandise to novel covers to helping redesign major theme park attractions. 

I'm here to humbly ask if concept artists have any place in this wonderful new field of printable prosthetics? In the video game world (for example) we all know that the 2D work precedes the 3D modeling phase, but I haven't really heard anything about that type of pipeline in this field. 

So what's the verdict? Can we help? I would certainly love throw out any number of illustrations/paintings if it would help advance this important work and I'm certain that recruiting other designers to the cause would not be difficult. 

Failing any of that, I will be retooling my shop to include modeling and prototyping next year, so I'll see you all again in 2017 if I can't be of any assistance at the moment.  

Thank you for considering this question,
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Sep 7 16 6:44 AM

Hi Jonny and welcome!

As you may have seen we've worked with artists from the entertainment industry before so we have adopted a very similar design pipeline. 

Typically it always starts with a 2D sketch and we can then turn that into a 3D model.

Obviously there will be design limitations to turn it into a working prosthetic but we've found we can usually get around those to embody the look and feel of any given design and its best for the designers to work without thinking too much about these limitations.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

All my best,


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Sep 7 16 6:14 PM

I made contact with your Twitter feed and I'm hoping to get some 4 point, gray scale renders that I could turn into a comprehensive template package to assist Open Artists in making entry into this field. It could be distributed as a PSD or PDF and contain not just the imagery, but also the License Agreement and any other data you felt was relevant. That is my first "actionable" task so far as it will bring more designers into awareness and offer challenge which we are all pretty much addicted to.

Thank you for taking the time from your important work to answer my post.

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