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Feb 24 17 10:05 PM

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Just got my ADA hand up and running and I immediately want to unteather it. Anyone have suggestions for battery packs?
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Feb 28 17 10:54 AM

Hi Rob, 

Most 12V batteries should be suitable, however you'd need to make sure there is some form of low voltage protection within the battery, so that the cells don't damage themselves.

For example:


(Note, I'm not 100% sure on the low voltage protection on these batteries)


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#2 [url]

Mar 4 17 8:12 PM

Found this battery online and it works great. We'll see how long it lasts. Nice form factor with the case, power switch, and barrel plug. I attached it to the gauntlet I designed with velcro.

Here is the file for the gauntlet with images of everything assembled.

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