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Nov 8 16 1:52 PM

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I am trying to assmble the ADA hand kit.
I reached the stage for running motor test, motors 1-4 work fine but motor 0 doesn't respond.
I switched the motors around and the problem is always with motor 0 so the problem seems to be PCB related.
I tried both left and right and thumb sockets for motor 0 but both of them didn't work.

Is there some step I may have missed? or is this a defect in the PCB?


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Nov 11 16 12:17 PM

I have
int handFlag = RIGHT;
I tried both slots with it.

I didn't check
int handFlag = LEFT;

If the left side is ok - can I use it for the right hand if I make sure not to squish the ribbon?
Is there some other place I have to specify what hand to use?

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