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Mar 1 17 4:07 PM

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Good Morning All!

I'm an American Biotechnologist permanently based out of Germany, and I'm excited to be joining the forum! I've been interested in prosthetics and biotech since (if I must admit to being such a geek) I saw Luke's hand in Star Wars as a kid. 

I've worked mostly with Python, C, and C# for scientific computing; with controller boards and dedicated PLC (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Proprietary with SCADA); as well as having desinged and built bioreactors for mammalian and bacterial cells. I guess this puts me squarely in the 'prototype development' arena for this forum :)

My academic work was Molecular Biology with heavy coursework in Neurobiology. My wife's a neurologist here, who works with many ALS and MS patients, so I have an additional interest in devices to aid those with muscle control loss, as well as those with limb loss. 

Looking forward to being involved!
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Mar 1 17 4:10 PM

Sorry about the multiple posting. For some reason the first two attempts (yesterday) where just showing 404 errors. When I was finally able to post today (Last attempt) both it, and the previous two attempts started working!

@ADMIN: If you want to delete 2 of the 3, please feel free :D

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Mar 2 17 11:29 AM

Welcome, Mike! Have you done any work with prosthetics and the control algorithms which can be used? I'm currently studying my MSc in Intelligent Systems with Robotics, and i'm catering my final project into developing a control system that can recognise multiple patterns/gestures/movements at once.

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