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May 9 17 2:34 AM

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Sorry to repost this but my original post does not seem to exist.

Hi, We are running into an issue with the thumb on our ada hand. Upon activation the thumb twitches and closes. Once closed the thumb is closed it does not repond to any command. Once the hand has its code disabled the thumb releases automatically. We have tested with other motors, ran motor test set to right and left hand individually, and have all of our libraries up to date.

 Here is a link to a video of the motor test set to right hand:
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Jun 7 17 12:40 PM

Hi riddle,

From the video it looks like the Almond board is not able to read the position of the thumb motor correctly. 

When you run the MotorTest.ino example;
1) if you enter the command '0' to toggle the position of the thumb motor, can you tell me the typical max/min position values for the thumb?
2) does the thumb toggle between open/close? or does it just move closed and then stay closed?

Could you also attach a picture of the solder connection of the pins on the thumb motor connector? It is possible that one of the pins on the connector that is connected to the potentiometer was not soldered correctly.


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