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Jan 21 16 6:10 PM

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It's awkward to program the Ada hand and see it move while it's on the desk and the cables are plugged in.

To find a way to hold the hand in a nice position, while it can remain plugged in and be programmed.

1. The solution should hold the hand in an accessible position, to test grasping capabilities and movements without it falling over
  • -This is often what's being tested with firmware uploads
2. The solution must be 3D-Printable
  • So other manufacturing tools aren't required beyond the tools used to make the hand itself
3. The connectors must be accessible
  • So it's easy to connect and disconnect the hand from power, USB and the headphone jack
4. The solution must be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  • Since the original Ada hand is released under the this license, any derivatives must be distributed under the same license

Design a hand stand to hold the hand vertically above the desk. This solution could have embedded connectors so the hand can "Dock" in it and could then have female connectors at the base of the stand to connect all of the relevant cables.
1. Design a stand to hold the hand vertically up above the table
2. Use M3 inserts and bolts as these are used in the rest of the hand design
3. Include male power, headphone and USB connectors at the top of the stand so the hand can "dock"
4. Include female connectors at the base of the stand to connect standard cables
5. Include an On/Off switch to make resetting the hand easier

1. Use a hot glue gun to secure the connectors in place, this would make exactly which connector was used more flexible
2. Micro USB extender, 4-pole headphone cable extender, DC Jacks

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#2 [url]

Feb 6 16 10:16 PM

Hi Drew, I think you may have a broken mesh. From left to right the channels are: power, expansion (UART/ sensors), micro USB. None should cut the wrist perimeter.
Hth jd

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#4 [url]

Feb 7 16 7:38 PM

Droo wrote:
Ah actually the STL in the released file is screwed for the left hand back cover :-/

Can someone check and confirm ?

It looks like it to me too. The LH blender file is definately enclosed.

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#5 [url]

Feb 8 16 9:58 AM

Hi Drew and John,

Thanks for pointing this out, sorry if it wasted any design work. A Boolean in the blender file wasn't applying correctly, I've now fixed it and updated the files on Thingyverse, Youmagine and Github. 
We've also just released a datasheet for the hand which has the dimensions on the wrist connector on it. Hopefully this will aid in this challenge. 

Here's a link

All the best, 


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#8 [url]

Sep 17 16 1:22 AM

Hey guys !
Her is something I've done, tell me what you think !
The little hole on the base are for screwing it to the desk to it won't move or fall, but I can remove/remplace it if you like to.
Hope you like it !


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