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Feb 7 16 9:05 PM

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Hi Guys, just started fiddling with my new hand :) I pulled the fingerlib code from GitHub and tried to compile MotorTest, however it failed "unable to find path/to/MotorTest.ino" or words to that effect. This is because the file name is "motorTest.ino" and is in directory "MotorTest". Updating the file name to "MotorTest.ino" fixes it. 
Arduino 1.6.7 / Win 10

Cheers jd

update:  I added it to the github issues page.

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Feb 7 16 9:44 PM

Hi JD,

I've fixed the issue you stated (Arduino requires the main sketch file to be the same name as the sketch folder, I had messed up the casing).

Let us know if you find any more issues. We're looking forward to seeing the hand in action.


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