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Apr 2 16 5:08 PM

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I'm sorry for such a naive question. But I didn't quite undertsand from the tutorial on the Muscle Control, Positional Conrol Method, if the 'M2' mode allows me to control the Ada hand with the EMG signals with the different 6 grip patterns mentioned in the tutorial, such that the hand will move correspondingly to the grip I do with my hand (that has the EMG sensors), or will I be able only to open and close the Ada hand ?

Thank you
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Apr 3 16 7:18 AM

Hi Sasu

Regarding the different muscle modes in Artichoke V1.1

Mode 1 - Standard Muscle Control (M1)
In this mode, if you tense your muscle inner forearm (close) and then stop tensing, the hand will close completely at a preset speed.

Mode 2 - Proportional Muscle Control (M2)
In proportional mode, the hand only moves when the muscle is tensed, and the speed of movement is proportional to how hard the muscle is being tensed. If you stop tensing the hand will stop moving.

Hope this helps. I'll update the tutorial on Monday to make it a bit clearer.


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Apr 4 16 8:19 AM

Yes, the grip patterns work in exactly the same way in both mode; if the hand is in the open position and you hold the 'open muscle' tensed for > 500ms, it will cycle through the grips.

The only difference is between the two grip modes is how the open/close is controlled.

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