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May 5 16 3:48 AM

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Hello everyone, 
I'm planning on making a sEMG Hand based on OpenBionics. But I got few questiones need your help.
1. If I order the PCB and motors on your website, how long it will take from UK to China? 
2. If I build on Arduino Mega 2560 which I need additionally add the motor drive circuit by myself, any suggestion do you have about the selection of this ? (L298N?
). And also the motor, is there any issue need attention of choosing motors?
3. Is there any more detail material about the sEMG, e.g. signal pattern recognition. 

Thanks a lot.

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May 5 16 10:09 AM

Hello ShuoLei. In respect to your third question I might be able to point you to some good places!

Usually, in EMG signal analysis / pattern recognition you want to put the EMG data into a phase called "Feature Extraction". This can either be in the Time Domain (RMS, MAV, Standard Deviation etc) or the Frequency Domain (Fourier Transform, Wavelet Transforms).

If you have the time, give this paper a read;

It should get you started :)

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May 6 16 9:05 AM

Hi ShuoLei,

As an answer to your initial quesitons:

1) Shipping to China typically takes between 8 - 35 days, however we can arrange a courier if required (additional shipping fee)
2) The L298D is capable of controlling the Firgellis. You will need to pull the enable pins HIGH, and attach PWM pins to the 'INPUT' pins of the L298D
3) Adding to John's comment, you can find a tutorial on how to use EMG sensing on an Ada hand here and you can find a bit about the biology behind EMG here

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