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May 5 16 2:22 PM

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Hi,everyone. For the actuator, I encounter some problem again need your help as follow:
1. After double check on the website of Firgelli, I just wonder why you choose the actuator whose gearbox gear ratio is 30:1? Is it work if I choose 63:1? Is it work if I choose three actuator is 30:1 and the other two is 63:1? Is it need update the configuration if I use 63:1?
2. Seems this actuator is not cheap, do you have any suggestion about the alternative? Any similar actuator ?
3. From the video on the  website of Firgelli, the actuator make certain noise when it moving , is it acceptable from your experience ?

Thanks a lot.

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May 5 16 9:59 PM

Hi ShuoLei,

1) We chose the 30:1 Firgelli as it offers a reasonable force at a high speed. You can use a 63:1 Firgelli, it will just be slower, but will be able to provide a greater force. If you use multiple different gear ratios, then the fingers will move at a different rate, but the hand will still work.
2) Currently it seems that Firgelli is the best/cheapest 'micro linear actuator' available
3) The noise from the motors are not a problem, the sound from the video was the sound of our 3D printers in the background. Furthermore, we have just updated FingerLib.h to reduce the sound of the motors further.

Hope this helps,

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May 6 16 1:25 AM

Hi,Olly. Thanks for your answer. It's very helpful. One further question from my side is would I order 3 Firgelli actuators of 30:1 and 2 Firgelli actuators of 63:1 together on your website shop?

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