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Jun 1 16 2:13 PM

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Hi, everyone.

I encounter a problem when I use the Open Bionics - Artichoke. Two Muscle Sensor V3 and 6 electrodes were connected follow the guide from your website, and I want to enable the M1(Standard muscle control mode), the actuators all works fine until I plug into the headphone Jack, the serial monitor seems stop to scrolling display, but if I pull out the headphone Jack, the Almond can work again and serial monitor can scrolling display again. Is anything wrong?
Thanks a lot.

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Jun 1 16 6:27 PM

Hi ShuoLei,

Can you send us a picture (with details) of your current EMG setup? Especially focussing on what connections are attached to the headphone connector?


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Jun 2 16 3:15 AM

Hi, OMac.

My profile photos was changed to the image of EMG connection since the image can not insert on forum. I also sent the image via message to you.
And I did some small modification on connection and it works fine. So thanks anyway.


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