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Jan 8 16 3:21 PM

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Hey All,


Just to let you know we've done some telepresence experiments with Openbionics prosthetic hand and ManusMachina glove.
Please see video about our experiments. Generally the hand worked very well, it was fairly easy and fun to grasp objects like bottle but something like a coin / pen is difficult. I guess nails could be added. 
On the data side of things we commanded the hand through the usb terminal. We also got some pressure sensors but didn't have time to implement remote touching yet.

We're also involved in the Robots for Good project where we are helping with the telepresence side of things. You can find more info about that on the website

Any feedback and suggestions welcome!

Miika Perä
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Jan 11 16 9:20 AM

Great work Miika,

Thanks for sharing. This look really nice. For telepresence I can see that feedback would be extremely useful. I think a really good point of exploration would be some kind of force feedback with these kind of resistive pressure sensors in the fingertips and perhaps some tiny micro-servos in the fingertips of the glove to put pressure on the users fingertips.

Excellent work Miika. We have been able to pick up small objects like pens, especially with silicone fingertips, but coins are still difficult.

Here's the link to the ManusMachina glove.


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