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Sep 7 16 3:03 PM

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Hi All,

before or I get too deeply into this project (currently having issues getting my printer to play nice with NinjaFlex) the young boy I'm building this for has no forearm, now I have printed a hand and arm from eNabled and that works great. However he likes the idea of this one having some usable functions in the electronics and us having a play with it, so is there a design for a Forearm to attach the hand to? He has just a small stub after his elbow so it's just the forearm that is needed.

also anyone had any luck getting NinjaFlex working on a Bowden extruder RepRap?
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Sep 8 16 10:42 AM

Hi Clifford, 

The Ada is intended as a robotic hand development kit. As such it doesn't have any of the certification for use as a prostheis. Unfortunatley this means we don't offer a socket design.

However, in the near future we will be releasing a certified prosthesis and, like the Ada Hand, this will be open source. 

There have also been a few examples of work where people have combined the Ada hand with other prosthesis so you could look into those projects for inspiration in the meantime. 

On the topic of you printer. Ninjaflex is quite hard to print (as I'm sure you've found out). It literally a problem of pushing rope. Bowden extruders really struggle because filament buckles in the PTFE tubing between the drive and the hot end. The buckling creates a lot of contact point and therefore friction. We use gantry mounted extruders on some printers but have also had a lot of sucess with a Flex3Drive. You may want to look into that as it's a great way of converting a Bowden extruder to print flex. NinjaTek themselves also have a good series on printing flexible filaments on [url=

Good luck with the project, sounds like you're doing a fantastic job!

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