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Oct 7 16 2:04 PM

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=10ptHi everyone! 

=10ptI'm a bit of an odd mix. Graduated in public relations but somehow got a job in clinical research and trial management. I work in human subject protection, but have been teaching myself biotech engineering for the last year. I found out I have a knack for biology and engineering and have been bettering my knowledge ever since. I'm also a grad student at Johns Hopkins University!

While I would kill to work full-time on cybernetic development, the jobs for it sadly aren't here in the DC area :( So, I've instead focused on completing my literature review on the potential of cybernetic development using experimental materials in a transdisciplinary setting. Additionally, I am designing a more...biomimetic prosthesis using my biology and materials knowledge. It would be built to mimic the biological arm much closer, both in movement and communication (via integration with neuron bundles). I have something that I think might work, but it requires more research before I feel comfortable talking about it more. I definitely need a mentor or opinions as I design this thing, that's for sure!

I'm glad to be here!
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Feb 2 17 11:44 PM

Common Interest

=10ptHey Feris89,

My name is Jon Rojas and I am an engineer down at NAS PAX so not to far from you. I have a background in mechanical engineering and my main interest/focus is computer programming. Recently, I have taken up the interest of developing a myoelectric prostheses and have gotten some guidance from the professors over at the JHU APL and have been in contact with them. =10ptMaybe there is something we can help each other out with because our interest somewhat align?

- Jon 

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